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Competition TitleCompetition No.DepartmentLocationClosing Date
ASL0410113 FTB FrederictonJuly 15, 2022
Administrative Assistant35-22-0011 DOH MonctonJuly 9, 2022
Administrative Assistant22-CALL-010 PETL MonctonJuly 15, 2022
Administrative Assistant22-2000-C36 EECD Fredericton/MonctonJuly 24, 2022
Administrative Assistant (ASL 4)R76-2021-22-311 SD FrederictonJuly 13, 2022
Administrative Services - Level 3DNRED-22-12 NRED MiramichiJuly 7, 2022
Administrative Services - Level 3DNRED-22-13 NRED DieppeJuly 7, 2022
Administrative Services - Level 3DNRED-22-14 NRED WelsfordJuly 13, 2022
Administrative Services - Level 4 / Administrative CoordinatorDNRED-22-10 NRED South TetagoucheJuly 7, 2022
Administrative Services SupervisorR76-2022-23-286 SD MonctonJuly 4, 2022
Administrative Services SupervisorR76-2022-23-253 SD Central ZoneJuly 31, 2022
Administrative SupportR85-2022/23-266 SNB MiramichiJuly 4, 2022
Adult Residential Facilities CoordinatorR76-2022-23-239 SD Miramichi
Agriculturist 1 - 2 / Agricultural Insurance CoordinatorAAF-22-07 / AAP-22-07 AAF Grand FallsJuly 8, 2022
Applications Team LeadR85-2022/23-77 SNB Flexible
Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry Development and Aquatic OperationsAAF-22-08 / AAP-22-08 AAF FrederictonJuly 4, 2022
Automotive Equipment Inspector2022-D85-03 DTI Various Locations
Bridge Worker (Seasonal)2022-D02-03 DTI Miramichi DistrictJuly 8, 2022
Business Analyst35-22-0025 DOH FrederictonJuly 7, 2022
Business Strategist10109 SNB FlexibleJuly 4, 2022
Business StrategistR85-2022/23-1733 SNB FlexibleJuly 4, 2022
Casual Administrative Services Level 321-78-202 JPS Various Regions
Casual Cook's Helper21-78-201 JPS Various Regions
Casual Correctional Officer I-II21-78-200 JPS Various Locations
Casual Court Stenographer21-78-203 JPS Various Regions
Casual Customer Service RepresentativesR85-2020/21-866 SNB Multiple Locations
Casual OpportunitiesN/A SD Various Locations
Casual Payroll and Benefit OfficersR85-2020/21-575 SNB Fredericton
Category SpecialistR85-2022/23-225 SNB FlexibleJuly 12, 2022
Clean Laundry Processor / Laundry Service Worker2022-SNB-CAMPB SNB Campbellton
Clean Laundry Processor / Laundry Services Worker2022-SNB-SJL SNB Saint JohnApril 30, 2023
Clean Laundry Processor / Laundry Services Worker2022-SNB-ED SNB Edmundston
Clinical Engineering Technologist 1R85-2021/22-1737 SNB MonctonJune 30, 2022
Clinical Engineering Technologist 1R85-2022/23-284 SNB BathurstJuly 7, 2022
Court Interpreter10111 SNB FlexibleJuly 30, 2022
Court StenographerR78-2022-23-141 JPS Saint JohnJuly 5, 2022
Crown Lands ForesterDNRED-22-16 / MRNDE-22-16NRED Fredericton or EdmundstonJuly 15, 2022
Customer Service RepresentativeR85-2022/23-213 SNB WoodstockJuly 10, 2022
Customer Service RepresentativeR85-2022/23-248 SNB St. GeorgeJuly 10, 2022
Customer Service RepresentativeR85-2022/23-260 SNB HamptonJuly 10, 2022
Customer Service RepresentativeR85-2022/23-29 SNB Moncton RegionJuly 10, 2022
Customer Services RepresentativeDNRED-22-08 NRED FrederictonJune 30, 2022
Director - Business Application Services10112 SNB FrederictonJuly 10, 2022
Director of Destination MarketingR18-2022/23-299 THC FrederictonJuly 5, 2022
Driver ExaminerR85-2022/23-222 SNB Saint JohnJune 30, 2022
Driver Examiner - Level 3R85-2022/23-156 SNB Campbellton RegionJuly 10, 2022
Early Learning Consultant22-2000-C35 EECD Saint JohnJuly 14, 2022
Electromechanical TechnicianR85-2021/22-439 SNB Saint JohnJuly 8, 2022
Electromechanical TechnicianR85-2022/23-128 SNB CampbelltonJuly 12, 2022
Elevator Inspector - TSI IIR78-2022-23-0007 JPS VariousJune 30, 2022
Eligibility Officer35-22-0024 DOH FrederictonJuly 7, 2022
Environmental Health EngineerN/A ELG FrederictonJuly 6, 2022
Finance ClerkR18-2022/23-303 THC Hopewell RocksJuly 15, 2022
Financial Analyst35-22-0023 DOH FrederictonJuly 1, 2022
Financial Liaison Officer - Early Childhood Services22-2000-C34 EECD FrederictonJuly 4, 2022
Fire Prevention OfficerR78-2022-23-0157 JPS Saint JohnJuly 21, 2022
Highway Safety Enforcement Officer (ASL5)R78-2022-23-0159 JPS Various RegionsJuly 14, 2022
Inspector / Investigator22-2000-001 EECD Shediac
Intermediate or Independent Conference Interpreter10106 SNB Fredericton
Internal Auditor22-2000-C32 EECD FrederictonJuly 5, 2022
K-5 Learning Specialist for Centre of Excellence Curriculum Planning and Professional Learning22-2000-C30 EECD FrederictonJuly 5, 2022
Laundry Services SupervisorR85-2022/23-270 SNB Saint JohnJuly 4, 2022
Laundry Services SupervisorR85-2022/23-208 SNB Saint JohnJuly 6, 2022
Laundry Services WorkerR85-2021/22-1493 SNB MonctonJuly 4, 2022
Learning Specialist - Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship22-2000-C33 EECD Fredericton - RemoteJuly 4, 2022
Legal Administrative AssistantR78-2022-23-0015 JPS FrederictonJuly 12, 2022
Legal Administrative AssistantsN/A SD Moncton
Library Director22-6237-002 PETL Grand FallsJune 30, 2022
Library Director22-6236-001 PETL CampbelltonJuly 6, 2022
Marketing and Communications CoordinatorR18-2022/23-88 THC Hopewell Rocks
Mechanic Supervisor2022-D02-02 DTI Miramichi DistrictJuly 8, 2022
Multimedia Programmer for Online Course Development22-2000-C17 EECD OnlineJuly 3, 2022
On Call Circulation ClerkN/A PETL Various Locations
On Call Library ClerkN/A PETL Various Locations
Operations Worker IIIN/A DTI Fredericton District
Operations Worker IIIN/A DTI Saint John District
Operations Worker IIIN/A DTI Saint John District
Performance AuditorN/A AGNB Fredericton
Prep CookR18-2022/23-302 THC Hopewell RocksJuly 15, 2022
Prep WorkerR18-2021/22-1753 THC Hopewell Rocks
Privacy Advisor22-2000-C22 EECD FrederictonJuly 3, 2022
Program Consultant22-6200-013 PETL FrederictonJuly 3, 2022
Programmer Analyst10065 SNB FlexibleJuly 15, 2022
Property Assessment Services Regional ManagerR85-2021/22-1368 SNB FrederictonJuly 5, 2022
Property Management Agents (Technical Inspection - Pay Group 6)2021-D55-03 DTI Fredericton
Provincial Mobile Communication Center (PMCC) Operator2021-D31-01 DTI Fredericton
Provincial Mobile Communication Center (PMCC) Operator / ASL 42022-D31-02 DTI Fredericton
Provincial Program and Event Coordinator (student)FGNB024 FTB Fredericton (Remote work possible)July 20, 2022
Psychiatric Patient Advocate35-22-0019 DOH MonctonJuly 7, 2022
Psychiatric Patient Advocate35-22-0021 DOH Saint JohnJuly 7, 2022
Public Library Social Worker22-CALL-009 PETL Moncton, Fredericton, or Saint JohnJuly 14, 2022
Quality Assurance Monitor22-2000-002 EECD Shediac
Records AnalystDNRED-22-09 NRED FrederictonJune 30, 2022
Regional Senior Program Advisor35-22-0022 DOH FrederictonJuly 11, 2022
Residential Assessor I or IIR85-2022/23-251 SNB FrederictonJuly 8, 2022
Residential Assessor I or IIR85-2021/22-1172 SNB Saint John
Residential Assessor I or IIR85-2021/22-1602 SNB Saint John
Residential Assessor I or IIR85-2022/23-237 SNB Hampton
Restaurant CookR18-2022/23-301 THC Hopewell RocksJuly 15, 2022
Security OfficerR18-2022/23-307 THC MactaquacJuly 11, 2022
Senior Business Analyst35-22-0014 DOH FrederictonJuly 4, 2022
Senior Cyber Security Analyst10110 FTB FrederictonJuly 15, 2022
Senior Geomatics Engineer - Engineer 32022-D75-01 DTI Fredericton
Senior Program Advisor35-22-0020 DOH FrederictonJuly 9, 2022
Social WorkerR76-2021-22-1576 SD Provincial inventoryAugust 31, 2022
Social WorkerN/A SD Fredericton, Woodstock, Perth Andover
Social WorkerN/A SD Saint John
Social WorkerN/A SD Saint John
Social WorkerN/A SD Moncton
Social WorkerR76-2021-22-1491 SD Moncton (Remote work possible)
Stakeholder Relations CoordinatorONB-22-09 ONB FrederictonJuly 6, 2022
Storekeeper 1R85-2022/23-244 SNB MiramichiJuly 4, 2022
Student Employment Opportunities - Corporate Services & Strategic Procurement2021/22-Student-Corp SNB Various Locations
Student Employment Opportunities - Enterprise Services2021/22-Student-Ent SNB Various Locations
Student Employment Opportunities - Health Services2021/22-Student-Hlth SNB Various Locations
Student Employment Opportunities - Property Assessment Services2021/22-Student-Prop SNB Various Locations
Student Employment Opportunities - Public Services2021/22-Student-Pub SNB Various Locations
Student Employment Opportunities - Technology Services2021/22-Student-Tech SNB Various Locations
Student Positions 2022R18-2021/22-1521 THC Various Locations
Supplies Services SupervisorR85-2022/23-202 SNB Saint JohnJuly 4, 2022
Technical AnalystR85-2022/23-259 SNB FlexibleJuly 4, 2022
Technical Services Inspector 3R78-2022-23-0156 JPS FrederictonJuly 21, 2022
TeleServices AgentsR85-2021/22-1805 SNB Flexible
Training Specialist and Head Office ManagerR78-2022-23-0129 JPS FrederictonJune 30, 2022
Veterinarian 1 - 2AAF-22-01 / AAP-22-01 AAF New Brunswick September 30, 2022
Veterinarian 3AAF-22-06 / AAP-22-06 AAF SussexJuly 22, 2022
Workplace Essential Skills Program Officer22-CALL-007 PETL Bathurst or Campbellton
Note: Only those departments listed in Regulation 93-137, Section 3 follow the legislated feedback and complaint process outlined in the Civil Service Act.

The Government of New Brunswick is an equal opportunity employer
and promotes a scent-reduced environment

Above is a listing of published open competitions within the New Brunswick Civil Service. The Civil Service includes departments and agencies. Click here for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about employment with the New Brunswick Civil Service.

For employment within the New Brunswick Schools, Service New Brunswick, Regional Health Authorities or Crown Corporations, please see "Other Government-related jobs sites."

If you want to apply for one of the competitions listed, we encourage you to log on to e-Recruitment and apply online.

In addition to being able to use e-recruitment to apply for competitions, you have the option to add your e-resumé to the government of New Brunswick’s corporate resumé database if you are interested in being considered for other employment opportunities within the civil service including casual employment.

If you are offered an interview you must pay your own travel expenses. In order to be considered, you must be eligible to work in Canada.

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