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Competition TitleCompetition No.DepartmentLocationClosing Date
ASL3R78-2022-23-0649 JPS Saint JohnApril 7, 2023
Accounts Payable Supervisor10218 SNB FlexibleMarch 30, 2023
Administrative Services Level 4R78-2022-23-0613 JPS MiramichiApril 3, 2023
Administrative SupportR85-2022/23-1191 SNB Flexible within New BrunswickApril 6, 2023
Administrative Support OfficerENB-2023-01 Elect FrederictonApril 14, 2023
Administrative services level 4R78-2022-23-0655 JPS FrederictonMay 3, 2023
Assistant Regional Director22-6237-011 PETL Edmundston
Audit assistantN/A AGNB Fredericton
Automotive Equipment Inspector2022-D85-12 DTI Moncton or Rexton
Bilingual Talent Acquisition Consultant10222 SNB FlexibleApril 9, 2023
Business Analyst10214 SNB FlexibleMarch 29, 2023
Business Analyst35-22-0094 DOH FrederictonApril 2, 2023
Casual Administrative Services Level 321-78-202 JPS Various Regions
Casual Cook's Helper21-78-201 JPS Various Regions
Casual Court Stenographer21-78-203 JPS Various Regions
Casual Library ClerkN/A PETL FrederictonMarch 31, 2023
Casual OpportunitiesN/A SD Various Locations
Casual OpportunitiesR18-2022/23-1137 THC Saint-Quentin
Casual OpportunitiesR18-2022/23-1146 THC Hopewell Rocks
Casual Public Services LibrarianN/A PETL Campbellton
Clean Laundry Processor / Laundry Service Worker2022-SNB-CAMPB SNB Campbellton
Clean Laundry Processor / Laundry Services Worker2022-SNB-SJL SNB Saint JohnApril 30, 2023
Clean Laundry Processor / Laundry Services Worker2022-SNB-ED SNB Edmundston
Clinical Engineering TechnologistR85-2022/23-978 SNB MonctonMarch 27, 2023
Clinical Engineering Technologist 1R85-2022/23-636 SNB Moncton
Communications OfficerOLA-GRN-2022-01 LA Fredericton
Consultant10187 FTB FrederictonMarch 31, 2023
ConsultantR78-2022-23-0625 JPS Flexible and/or RemoteApril 7, 2023
Correctional Officer I-II21-78-200 JPS Various Locations
Court StenographerR78-2022-23-0632 JPS CampbelltonMarch 30, 2023
Court StenographerR78-2022-23-0603 JPS MonctonApril 3, 2023
Court StenographerR78-2022-23-0631 JPS Saint JohnApril 6, 2023
Customer Service RepresentativeR85-2022/23-1100 SNB FrederictonApril 2, 2023
Data Governance Lead10215 FTB FrederictonApril 14, 2023
Domain Specialist - Clinical and Community CareR85-2022/23-1046 SNB FlexibleApril 4, 2023
Elevator InspectorR78-2022-23-0481 JPS Various Regions
Eligibility Officer35-22-0072 DOH Fredericton
Employment Counsellors22-CALL-023 PETL Dieppe, Shediac and SackvilleMarch 30, 2023
Energy Manager / Senior Energy CoordinatorR85-2022/23-1114 SNB Flexible within New BrunswickMarch 30, 2023
Engagement, Media and Communications CoordinatorR18-2022/23-1094 THC Hopewell Rocks
Engineering and Field Level V-VII (Highway Maintenance Technician)2022-04-25 DTI Saint John
Equipment Operator - Paquetville/Tracadie Division2023-D01-01 DTI Bathurst DistrictMarch 31, 2023
Explore NB TeamR18-2022/23-1008 THC Fredericton
Financial AnalystR85-2022/23-1042 SNB FrederictonMarch 29, 2023
Fishing GuideR18-2022/23-1109 THC Larry's Gulch Lodge - Kedgwick
Gift Shop ManagerR18-2022/23-1239 THC Hopewell Rocks Provincial parkApril 9, 2023
Gift Shop Receiver (Stores Clerk)R18-2022/23-940 THC Hopewell Rocks
Ground SupervisorR18-2022/23-1102 THC Parlee Beach Provincial ParkApril 2, 2023
Health Economist35-22-0096 DOH FrederictonApril 11, 2023
Highway Supervisor2022-D04-23 DTI Saint John
Highway Supervisor I-II (seasonal) - Stanley2023-D05-02 DTI Fredericton DistrictMarch 31, 2023
Inspector / Investigator22-2000-041 EECD FrederictonApril 6, 2023
Intermediate or Independent Conference Interpreter10106 SNB Fredericton
Learn to Camp AmbassadorsR18-2022/23-934 THC FrederictonApril 1, 2023
Library Director22-6236-005 PETL Campbellton
Library Manager23-6235-001 PETL Port ElginApril 6, 2023
Mechanic (AST & T&T)2023-D1V-01 DTI Bathurst Repair FacilityMarch 29, 2023
Mechanic (AST & T&T)2023-D1V-02 DTI Tide Head Repair FacilityMarch 29, 2023
Mechanic (AST & T&T)2023-D4V-01 DTI Saint John DistrictApril 7, 2023
Mechanic (T&T)2023-D1V-03 DTI Pokemouche Repair FacilityApril 4, 2023
Mechanic (T&T) (Regular Position)2022-D6V-02 DTI Edmundston Bus GarageMarch 31, 2023
Mechanic Supervisor2023-D5V-02 DTI Fredericton DistrictApril 12, 2023
Mechanic Supervisor (Regular Position)2022-D6V-03 DTI Heavy Repair Facility (St-André)
On Call Circulation ClerkN/A PETL Various Locations
On Call Library ClerkN/A PETL Various Locations
Operations Worker I2023-D04-03 DTI Saint John DistrictApril 7, 2023
Operations Worker II2022-D30-04 DTI FrederictonMarch 31, 2023
Operations Worker II2023-D01-02 DTI Bathurst DistrictApril 4, 2023
Operations Worker III2022-D04-24 DTI Saint John
Operations Worker IIIN/A DTI Saint John District
Operations Worker IIIN/A DTI Saint John District
Performance AuditorN/A AGNB Fredericton
Program Analyst35-22-0090 DOH Fredericton
Program Delivery Officer10211 SNB FlexibleApril 1, 2023
Project Professionals - Expression of Interest10220 FTB FrederictonApril 7, 2023
Property Management Agents (Technical Inspection - Pay Group 6)2021-D55-03 DTI Fredericton
Psychiatric Patient Advocate35-22-0075 DOH Saint John
Quality Assurance Monitor22-2000-C85 EECD Moncton RegionApril 3, 2023
Radio Technician II2023-D31-01 DTI FrederictonApril 4, 2023
Recovery Claims OfficerR78-2022-23-0595 JPS FrederictonMarch 27, 2023
Release Coordinator10213 SNB FlexibleMarch 29, 2023
Restaurant CookR18-2022/23-1018 THC Larry's Gulch Lodge - Kedgwick
Sales and Service AttendantR18-2022/23-1145 THC Parlee Beach Provincial Park
Screener (ASL 4)R76-2022-23-615 SD Central Zone
Senior Auditor/Consultant10197 FTB FrederictonMarch 31, 2023
Senior Business Analyst10221 SNB FlexibleApril 6, 2023
Senior Geomatics Engineer - Engineer 32022-D75-01 DTI Fredericton
Senior Level Positions10209 FTB All regionsMarch 31, 2023
Senior Program Advisor35-22-0095 DOH FrederictonApril 9, 2023
Social WorkerR76-2021-22-1491 SD Moncton (Remote work possible)
Social Worker - Casual OpportunitiesN/A SD Various Locations
Social Worker - Child ProtectionR76-2022-23-508 SD Provincial inventoryMarch 31, 2023
Storekeeper 1R85-2022/23-81 SNB Tracadie-Sheila and CaraquetApril 28, 2023
Storekeeper 1R85-2021/22-1779 SNB Bathurst
Structural Technologist2022-D40-04 DTI FrederictonMarch 31, 2023
Student PositionsR18-2022/23-937 THC Various Locations
Summer Reading Club Activity LeaderN/A PETL Various Locations
Tour GuideOLA-TOUR-2023 LA FrederictonMarch 31, 2023
Transportation Highway Superintendent2023-D04-01 DTI Saint JohnMarch 31, 2023
Veterinarian 1 - 2AAF-22-17 / AAP-22-17 AAF New Brunswick March 31, 2023
Watercourse TechnicianN/A ELG FlexibleApril 4, 2023
Welder2022-D5V-09 DTI Chipman Repair Facility
Wetland BiologistN/A ELG Fredericton / Saint JohnMarch 28, 2023
Note: Only those departments listed in Regulation 93-137, Section 3 follow the legislated feedback and complaint process outlined in the Civil Service Act.

The Government of New Brunswick is an equal opportunity employer
and promotes a scent-reduced environment

Above is a listing of published open competitions within the New Brunswick Civil Service. The Civil Service includes departments and agencies. Click here for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about employment with the New Brunswick Civil Service.

For employment within the New Brunswick Schools, Service New Brunswick, Regional Health Authorities or Crown Corporations, please see "Other Government-related jobs sites."

If you want to apply for one of the competitions listed, we encourage you to log on to e-Recruitment and apply online.

In addition to being able to use e-recruitment to apply for competitions, you have the option to add your e-resumé to the government of New Brunswick’s corporate resumé database if you are interested in being considered for other employment opportunities within the civil service including casual employment.

If you are offered an interview you must pay your own travel expenses. In order to be considered, you must be eligible to work in Canada.

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