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Competition TitleCompetition No.DepartmentLocationClosing Date
Administrative Assistant (ASL 3)THC-18-19 THC FrederictonJuly 27, 2018
Administrative Assistant (ASL3)18-6200-024 PETL MonctonJuly 18, 2018
Administrative Services Level 318-78-10 JPS FrederictonJuly 18, 2018
Administrative Services Level 418-44-20 AG EdmundstonJuly 25, 2018
Administrative Services Officer (ASL 3)2018-SD-027 SD BathurstJuly 17, 2018
Application Support and Improvement2017-SNB-571 SNB Fredericton
Assistant Regional Director18-6232-005 PETL CampbelltonJuly 31, 2018
Business Development OfficerTHC-18-20 THC FrederictonJuly 27, 2018
Business Growth Officer10-18-02 AAF ShippaganAugust 3, 2018
Cartage DriverCD-Campbellton SNB Campbellton
Cartage DriverCD-Edmundston SNB Edmundston
Cartage DriverCD-Moncton SNB Moncton
Cartage DriverCD-Saint John SNB Saint John
Casual Administrative Assistant16-78-17 JPS Fredericton
Casual Court StenographerN/A JPS Various Regions
Casual OpportunitiesN/A SD Various Locations
Category Specialist2017-SNB-651 SNB Fredericton, Saint John, MonctonAugust 30, 2018
Clerk of the Court of Queen's Bench18-78-12 JPS MonctonJuly 23, 2018
Colon Cancer Screening Implementation CoordinatorDOH-18-0014 DOH FrederictonJuly 20, 2018
Court InterpreterN/A SNB Fredericton
Departmental Information Security Officer (PB5)18-6200-026 PETL Fredericton
Early Learning and Childcare Inspector (PB 3)18-2000-022 EECD MonctonJuly 23, 2018
GPO Advisor2018-SNB-200 SNB Fredericton, Saint John, MonctonMay 3, 3018
HEALTH HUMAN RESOURCES ADVISORDOH-18-0030 DOH FrederictonJuly 21, 2018
Information Access and Privacy Advisor18-TB-19 TB FrederictonJuly 26, 2018
Inventory for Interpreters2017-SNB-632 SNB Flexible within New Brunswick
Laundry Services SupervisorLSS-Saint John SNB Saint John
Laundry Services WorkerLSW-CampbelltonSNB Campbellton
Laundry Services WorkerLSW-Edmundston SNB Edmundston
Laundry Services WorkerLSW-FrederictonSNB Fredericton
Laundry Services WorkerLSW-Moncton SNB Moncton
Laundry Services WorkerLSW-Saint John SNB Saint John
Legislative Page ProgramOLA-PAGE-2018 LA FrederictonSeptember 30, 2018
MANAGER DECISION SUPPORTDOH-18-0028 DOH FrederictonJuly 21, 2018
Management Information System Analyst18-TB-17 TB FrederictonJuly 23, 2018
Manager, Access to Information18-TB-20 TB FrederictonJuly 26, 2018
Managers of Application Services2018-SNB-23 SNB Fredericton
Mechanic Supervisor2018-D05-13 DTI OromoctoAugust 3, 2018
On Call Circulation ClerkN/A PETL Various Locations
On Call Library ClerkN/A PETL Various Locations
P.T. Library Clerk (ASL2)18-6234-005 PETL Saint JohnJuly 27, 2018
P.T. Library Manager (PB2)18-6234-003 PETL CampobelloAugust 2, 2018
Program Coordinator18-TB-18 TB FrederictonJuly 26, 2018
Quality Assurance Application Tester2018-SNB-263 SNB Fredericton
Regional Manager (ITCO2)18-6200-025 PETL MonctonJuly 18, 2018
Release Specialist2017-SNB-605 SNB Fredericton
Residential Assessor I or IIN/A SNB Various LocationsJuly 26, 2018
Security Officer (Part-Time) Casual PositionN/A THC Prince WilliamJuly 26, 2018
Senior Business Analyst2018-SNB-188 SNB Campbellton
Service Desk Analyst2018-SNB-68 SNB FrederictonJuly 18, 2018
Social WorkerN/A SD Saint John
Social WorkerN/A SD Saint John
Solution Strategist2018-SNB-341 SNB FlexibleJuly 23, 2018
Storekeeper2018-SNB-387 SNB Edmundston/Grand FallsJuly 26, 2018
Storekeeper 1STK-Bathurst SNB Bathurst
Storekeeper 1STK-CampbelltonSNB Campbellton
Storekeeper 1STK-Edmundston SNB Edmundston
Storekeeper 1STK-Miramichi SNB Miramichi
Storekeeper 1STK-Moncton 1 SNB Moncton
Storekeeper 1STK-Moncton 2 SNB Moncton
Storekeeper 1STK-Saint John SNB Saint John
Technical Analyst2017-SNB-621 SNB Flexible Location
Technical Services Manager (PB 4)2018-SD-031 SD MonctonJuly 25, 2018
Tourism Counsellor (ASL 2) Casual PositionN/A THC Woodstock
Tourism Counsellor (Casual position)N/A THC St. Stephen
Tourism CounsellorsN/A THC Saint-Jacques
Tourism Counsellors (ASL2) (Casual position)N/A THC Various Locations
UI UX Specialist18-TB-21 TB FrederictonJuly 25, 2018
Note: Only those departments listed in Regulation 93-137, Section 3 follow the legislated feedback and complaint process outlined in the Civil Service Act.
The Government of New Brunswick is an equal opportunity employer
and promotes a scent-reduced environment

Above is a listing of published open competitions within the New Brunswick Civil Service. The Civil Service includes departments and agencies. Click here for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about employment with the New Brunswick Civil Service.

For employment within the New Brunswick Schools, Service New Brunswick, Regional Health Authorities or Crown Corporations, please see "Other Government-related jobs sites."

If you want to apply for one of the competitions listed, we encourage you to log on to e-Recruitment and apply online.

In addition to being able to use e-recruitment to apply for competitions, you have the option to add your e-resumé to the government of New Brunswick’s corporate resumé database if you are interested in being considered for other employment opportunities within the civil service including casual employment.

If you are offered an interview you must pay your own travel expenses. In order to be considered, you must be eligible to work in Canada.

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